Biomarkers Organizing Committee

Peter E Barker

Executive Editor, Project Leader/Biologist
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Division of Biomedical Sciences

Biography: National Institute of Standards and Technology, Project Leader/Biologi ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomarkers

Youhe Gao

Beijing Normal University

Biography: Youhe Gao Professor Beijing Normal University. He received his MD from ReadMore...

Research Interest: His research interests include biomarker discovery in urine, ReadMore...

Sang Ngoc Nguyen

Vice Head of Pediatric Department Haiphong Children Hospital

Biography: Vice Head of Pediatric Department Haiphong Children Hospital Vietnam

Research Interest: biomarkers

Xiaojuan Xu

Wuhan University

Biography: Wuhan University China

Research Interest: Biomarkers

Tomoaki Tanaka

Associate Professor, Department of Urology Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine

Biography: "Associate Professor, Department of Urology Osaka City University Grad ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomarkers

Jimmy Thomas Efird

Executive Editor
Associate Professor, Departments of Public Health and Cardiovascular Sciences East Carolina University

Biography: "Associate Professor, Departments of Public Health and Cardiovascular ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomarkers

Kurt S Zaenker

Professor, Department of Immunology/Biochemistry/Oncology Witten-Herdecke University, Germany

Biography: "Professor, Department of Immunology/Biochemistry/Oncology Witten-Herd ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomarkers

Xiangchun Wang

Analytical Scientist, NIAID/NIH, USA

Biography: Analytical Scientist, NIAID/NIH, USA

Research Interest: Biomarkers

Mong-Hong Lee

"Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Oncology University of Texas, USA"

Biography: "Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Oncology University o ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomarkers

Kenneth Maiese

"Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology Wayne State University, USA"

Biography: "Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology Wayne State University, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomarkers

Yoshifumi Saisho

Assistant Professor
Keio University School of Medicine, Assistant ProfessorDivision of Nephrology, Endocrinology and Metabolism,

Biography: Keio University School of Medicine, Assistant ProfessorDivision of Nep ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomarkers

Murielle Mimeault

Executive Editor
"Executive Editor Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Medicine"

Biography: "Executive Editor Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Uni ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomarkers

Claudio Nicolini

Life President
Nanoworld Institute (Bergamo)

Biography: Claudio Nicolini was born in Udine, Italy. He received the doctoral de ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cancer research, Biophysics and Nanotechnology, pioneering w ReadMore...

Alain Moreau

Director of Research
Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Center

Biography: Dr. Alain Moreau is Full Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry and the ReadMore...

Research Interest: Protein engineering, Molecular genetics, Biomarkers

Cheegee See

Director of Personalised Medicine
Proteome Sciences, UK

Biography: Chee Gee See is the Director of Personalised Medicine at Proteome Scie ReadMore...

Research Interest: Personalised Medicine, biomarkers, genetics

Kaushala Prasad Mishra

Founder President
Society of Radiation Research

Biography: B.Sc and M.Sc. degrees from Allahabad University and Ph.D. from Gujara ReadMore...

Research Interest: Radiation Research, Biomarkers, Biophysics, Biotechnology

Leticia Cano

Biomarker Profile Corporation

Biography: Leticia Cano identified a native citrullinated autoantigen for rheumat ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomarkers

Pavel Vodicka

Institute of Experimental Medicine
Czech Republic

Biography: Pavel Vodicka graduated at the Medical Faculty, Charles University, Pr ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biochemistry, Molecular biology, biomarkers, cancer biology

Sergey Suchkov

I.M.Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

Biography: Sergey Suchkov graduated from Astrakhan State Medical University and w ReadMore...

Research Interest: Enzymology, biomarkers, cardiology, Immunology

Gabriella Baio

IST-National Cancer Institute

Biography: Gabriella Baio studied Medicine and Surgery at University of Pisa and ReadMore...

Research Interest: Radiology

Tao Chen

Food and Drug Administration
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Biography: Tao Chen has completed his Ph.D. from University of Arkansas for Medic ReadMore...

Research Interest: He has been a Principal Investigator in National Center for ReadMore...

Lori A Henderson

Program Director
National Cancer Institute

Biography: Lori A. Henderson is a Program Director at the National Institute of B ReadMore...

Research Interest: Clinical Trials Branch/Cancer Imaging Program

Alan Prem Kumar

National University of Singapore

Biography: Alan Prem Kumar earned his Ph.D. from University of North Texas, USA. ReadMore...

Research Interest: My primary research focuses in the areas of signaling by nuc ReadMore...

Donghua Yang

Assistant Research Professor
Fox Chase Cancer Center

Biography: Research and Working experience: March 2011-date as Assistant Researc ReadMore...

Research Interest: Immunohistochemistry (IHC) for both basic and clinical resea ReadMore...

Neil Box

Assistant Professor
University of Colorado Denve

Biography: Neil Box is a Assistant Professor in the Department of Dermatology at ReadMore...

Research Interest: The mouse as a model for human melanocyte and melanoma devel ReadMore...

Yuxun Wang

Head of Cancer Biology
HD Biosciences Co., Ltd.
P.R. China

Biography: Yuxun Wang is currently the Executive Director and Head of Cancer Biol ReadMore...

Research Interest: Head of Cancer Biology at HD Biosciences. He has a blend of ReadMore...

Geetika Chakravarthy

Tulane University

Biography: Geetika Chakravarty's research is geared towards the identification an ReadMore...

Research Interest: Her research is geared towards the identification and evalua ReadMore...

Sevtap Savas

Research Associate
Memorial University of Newfoundl

Biography: Sevtap Savas obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Genetics in 1 ReadMore...

Research Interest: Role of genetic variation in cancer susceptibility; Role of ReadMore...

Yaguang Xi

Assistant Professor
University of South Alabama

Biography: Yaguang Xi got the Ph.D from Peking University after his clinical trai ReadMore...

Research Interest: Discovery and validation of novel biomarkers associated with ReadMore...

Michael Holinstat

Assistant Professor
Thomas Jefferson University

Biography: Michael Holinstat is an assistant professor of Medicine at Thomas Jeff ReadMore...

Research Interest: Thrombosis; Rap1; Gpcr; Signal Transduction; Platelet; Pharm ReadMore...

Feng Yan

Vice Director
Jiangsu Cancer Hospital

Biography: Feng Yan, has completed her Ph.D from Yangzhou University in China. Sh ReadMore...

Research Interest: The research works of Feng Yan focus on the bioanalytical ch ReadMore...

Jamal Zweit

Virginia Commonwealth University

Biography: Jamal Zweit is a Professor of Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Molecular ReadMore...

Research Interest: Multi-modality molecular and cellular imaging. Biologically ReadMore...

Robert P Bowser

Iron Horse Diagnostics, Inc.

Biography: Dr. Bowser is Chairman of Neurobiology and Director of the Gregory W. ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Bowser's research interests are to determine the molecul ReadMore...

Jagat R. Kanwar

Deakin University

Biography: Jagat Kanwar is an Immunologist and Molecular Biochemist. He is group ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nanomedicine, multi-targeted oral or intravenous delivery sy ReadMore...

Myron Gross

Assistant Professor & Director MEBRL
University of Minnesota

Biography: Assistant Professor & Director MEBRL, Division of Epidemiology, 1990-P ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomarker development/translational research, molecular/bioc ReadMore...